Fiberglass Sleeve Manufacturers in India

Prakash Tradewell is one of the eminent names in the field of manufacturing and delivering an extensive range of fiber sleeves and polyester threads. These items are curated as per the industry standards and can be tailor-made according to their clients' requirements. The extensive range comprises fiber sleeves, fiber glass sleeves, heat sleeves, fiber glass cables, and insulating cables. We produce these products using high-standard raw materials like copper, tinned copper, varnish, conductors, glass, yarns, and varnish. Hence, these products are able to survive high temperatures and produce exceptional performance.

Prakash Tradewell the leading fiber glass sleeve manufacturer in India specializes in fiber glass sleeve curated from braided fiber glass of outstanding quality coated with silicone rubber or iron oxide. The fiber glass sleeves comprise of high dielectric strength and exceptional flexibility. fiber glass sleeve also has excellent heat insulation, flame resistance, and brilliant abrasion possessions. Prakash Tradewell's fiber glass sleeve is specifically designed to safeguard cables and hoses exposed to extreme temperatures and melted metal splash splashes.

A splendid blend of heavy-duty silicone safeguard coating on thick high-temperature fiber glass, substrate assistance insulates and defends against irregular spells of flame impingement, burning airborne residues, metal splashes, and extreme temperatures.

The hydrophobic, low surface energy, non-stick properties of the thick silicone covering sheds giant and irregular however conceivably risky liquid metal sprinkles with temperatures of up to 3000F. Thus, Prakash Tradewell which is the best fiberglass sleeve manufacturer in Delhi provides the best fiberglass sleeve price that is preferably suited to safeguard the cables, hoses, and wires exposed to high radiant heat and frequent molten splashes.

Prakash Tradewell is also a premiere silicone coated fiberglass sleeve manufacturers in India. If you are looking for low-cost fiber sleeve price in India then there is no better option than Prakash Tradewell.

Features of Fiberglass Sleeve

  • Outstanding safeguard against high temperature and molten metal splashes
  • Protect heat and results in energy savings
  • Water proof, moisture proof, confrontation to oil and pollution
  • Diameter size: 6.5 mm to 130 mm
  • Colour: Brick Red, & as per clientele requirements
  • Thickness: 3 mm to 6 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 260°C
  • Available Type: Removable and Fixed
  • Transient Temperature: 1650°C
  • Breakdown Voltage: 10kv to 15kv
  • Abrasion resistance: Excellent