H-Class Fiber Glass Sleeve

There are various sorts of sleeves present in the industry today, and one of the most commonly used ones are the H- Class Fiber Glass Sleeves. You can avail of this top-rated product from Prakash Tradewell as we are one of the leading and supreme exporter in India and worldwide.

H- Class Fiber Glass Sleeves and their Uses in Following Arenas:

  • H & N Grade automobile
  • Electrical Technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Home Devices
  • High Quality Light Ware
  • Electric Plus Heat Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment and TV

Features of H-Class Fiberglass Sleeves

  • Diameter -1.5 mm (for round shaped cord)
  • Thickness -0.3mm
  • Width -2.0 mm (NOTE: measured with tape under one-pound tension.)
  • Tensile strength -30 lb (minimum)
  • Elongation at break - 15% (maximum)
  • Shrinkage at 121®c - 2% (maximum)
  • Specific gravity - 1.380 -1.400

Prakash Tradewell's items are set apart by uniqueness. They are productive in adjusting to scorching circumstances, where there are changes in the warmth, and the merchandise's sturdiness is long. Thus, when you use them in your industry, the end merchandise acquires our items' property. The inventory is tried more than once before it is conveyed. This makes the things altogether investigated. You will discover no issues with the quality, as the nature of merchandise is something we keep up across the entirety of our items.