When you are looking for the best industrial items for your industry, Silicone Fiber Glass Sleeves is a product that you will require wherever there is a possibility of insulation and wiring. Prakash Tradewell is top-notch manufacturers of these products and has been supplying to market worldwide throughout the years.

Varieties and Uses of Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve

  • E- Class Which Comes with Polyvinyl Resin
  • These are used in a productive sector such as electrical, chemical, petroleum, construction, oil pipelines, etc.

  • F- Class Which is Coated with Varnish
  • This product is mainly used in petroleum industries, as it is highly resistant to alteration in temperatures.

  • H- Class Which is Coated with Silicone
  • This product is extensively used in domestic appliances and devices.

Why Choose Prakash Tradewell for Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeve?

Prakash Tradewell is the highest Silicone Fiberglass Sleeves Manufacturer and Exporter in India and across the globe. We never compromise with the materials while producing this merchandise. These make them durable and sound in execution. These items have significant obstruction degrees and are valuable in cold conditions where different brands have neglected to make their imprint. Toward the day's end, we live on the trust that clients have in us.

The flexibility of these items is extraordinary, and one can utilize them in various industries. Aside from that, there are a few tests through which the thing is tried before it are presented to the market. The limit of conveying power is extraordinary, and the external covering likewise has a charming look. The materials used to make the merchandise are profoundly impervious to acids and different perils.

Features of Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve

  • Thermal Class: "H" & "F."
  • Thermal Specifications: 155¬į C
  • Combustible in nature
  • Good compatibility with class F impregnation varnishes
  • Resistance to oils
  • Excellent resistance to aging